Aloofness in Our Heart

I love him and I have seen love in his eyes… Then where it’s not working? Even I am not unfaithful neither he’s disloyal then what’s wrong between us? Why arguments? Why clashes and discretion? Days … months and years we walked together and there came an unidentified distance between us… I am unsure how it came… I just don’t know…just don’t know…

Eyes get drowned in tears with deep pain… my path became abandoned. We dreamed together… I thought we have same goals to achieve and same paths to travel. I was holding his hands and walking and I don’t know when we departed our hands and choose a different path. I walked and he walked a long way and I thought he was with me in that pathway and same he felt. But we failed to realize that in middle of the path we both took a different deviation and believed we both are with each other in that deviated direction. But I didn’t succeed to realize that it was only his path and mine were far away from him. I decided to walk alone and I walked alone and kind of lost myself.

And then I ask myself that there is no love between us? Or we lost that bonding? Or what it is? But my heart say’s to me there’s still a lot of LOVE…I see love in each other’s eyes and the pain to quit but then I can’t track the reasons for disparities…

When this world asks me I don’t know what I am gonna tell? I realize all our dreams and promises we made are just like a mirror which got broken with hurts and grief. Our dreams got split with our aloofness in our hearts. I feel the light of our love got rotten.


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